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Religious Tours

Heritage Tours

Holy Land Tours

Our heritage Tours were form out of the desire to educate members and the public in general about the origins of the Methodist faith. These tours began in 2002 and successive  tours have expanded to incorporate forces on different aspect of the faith. The heritage tours now cover a wider geographical area to include parts of Europe and not the UK only.
Please contact us for the next scheduled tour.

Our Holy land Tours offer a uniques way to connect with your spirituality, reshape your religious prespective and leave you with a renewed sense of faith. Join us on these spiritual journeys, as we walk in the footsteps of our Lord and savior, captivating your mind with some of the most accient cities and historical artifacts,  which gives you the live feeling of the bibical scriptures. Our tours are designed to not only experience the bible first hand,  but to also create a bond between brothers and sisters in Christ.      Join us today !

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